Typical members of various classes.

There are many classes in the Adventures. Currently six have been shown in canon adventures, though as dread sorcerer was created by the author for Séamas Adventure, it is considered canon.

The classes are:

  • Heyarnolds: They are useless. ‘Nuff said.
  • Warlock Space Pirates: This class makes use of swordfighting (based on either physical stat) and magic (based on either mental stat). Strength is used for brawling while Ninjousity allows use of blasters. They receive a +1 CIRCUMSTANCE BONUS when in space, and suggested starting equipment is a Laser Cutlass-Wand.
  • Thieves: A sneaky class. They use ninjousity for bows, daggers, lockpicking, and sneaky, and pulchritude for bluffing and swindling. Suggested starting equipment are bow & arrows or daggers.
  • Beast Riders: This class can ride beasts. They use pulchritude to charm them and ninjousity to ride them. Strength is also used to tame strong beasts. Suggested starting equipment is a spear.
  • Sorcerers: This class uses pulchritude to convince the universe that they’re right and it’s wrong. Geniusness grants them some arcane knowledge.
  • Dread Sorcerers: Like sorcerers, but 40% more evil.
  • Singing truckers: They sing, truck, and sing in truck stops. They specialise in amassing groupies and looking rugged, both based on pulchritude. Suggested starting equipment is a truck and a microphone.
  • Crocodile Hunters: This class gets a +SUPER CRIT BONUS against crocodiles. They wrangle and stab crocs, mainly using strength but also ninjousity. Suggested starting equipment is a bowie knife.
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