Dunthirp is a village that exists in the Tom Adventure. It is known for being potently shitty and truly lives up to it's name for being.....well....shitty. Phillip Featherfeet comes across Dunthirp when searching for a village to visit.

Phillip Featherfeet's arrival at shitty Dunthirp.


Dunthirp is situated close to the encounter point between The Old Man and Phillip. It is also thief's throw away from a portal of Eldritch Abomination , The Pillow Factory and some Gorse Bushes. It is also within walking distance of the pretty awesome city of Fulnor.


Not much is known of the population of Dunthirp although it's known to have a bunch of Farmers, a Blacksmith and it also has a Sheriff but not much is known of the full police force.

The Death Of DunthirpEdit

Dunthirp met it's sad demise at the hands of The Old Man when he launched a missile barrage at the shitty village and wiped it off the map. It's unsure whether the missiles were sent to destroy Phillip or intended to destroy Dunthirp but all that's known is that it was fucked up beyond repair.

The Death Of Dunthirp

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