Many races exist in the Adventures, but only four have been used by players in canon adventures. These are:

  • Humans: The system is based on them, so they are average.
  • All of thems: They're an average of all races, so they're obviously average. I mean, duh.
  • Cthulhu-kin: This race has +1 intimidation, and may cause loss of Sanity in nearby characters
  • Sharks: Members of this race have a SUPER BITE special attack and have damage resistance equal to half their level, but they cannot use the starting equipment.

Prestige RacesEdit

Prestige races are a concept introduced by the author in Séamas Adventure. Players may start as these races, but they also may be aquired during gameplay. A race is a prestige race if members are only created by turning into it from another race.

  • Liches: This race gets -1HP/LEVEL but get +2 MAGIC. Upon death, a lich regenerates at a phylactery, destroying it in the process. A person can become a lich by creating a phylactery. The talent “Create Phylactery” must be used, an innocent of the prospective lich's race must be sacrificed, and 150XP is lost. The first creation kills the lich, thereby destroying the original phylactery. Liches can create new phylacteries, but the same costs apply (excluding the death, that’s once off only).
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