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The truckers are horrified by your declaration.

The Truckers are a faction in the Adventures. To join, one must pass the Test of the Trucker, a mysterious rite involving eating a giant steak in three hours with two bathroom breaks and any choice of beverage. All truckers move things from one place to another and they are lead by the four High Lords of the Truckers.

High Lords of the Truckers

Currently, there are four High Lords: Big Bang, Gravity, Death, and Betsy. It is unknown how much authority the High Lords have or what functions they serve within the trucker community. Their only known purpose is to preside over trucker trials, where people are tried for crimes against the truckers.


Currently, the only known trucker base is the Great Multidimensional Truckstop, which can be reached using the portal in the fuzzy dice found in any trucker's truck. It takes the appearance of a diner, in which truckers and waitresses of all species can be found. As the name suggests, it can be accessed by multiple dimensions, making it a likely candidate for potential future crossovers.


It is not yet known whether the truckers have any enemies of note.


Truckers whose names are known (in order of appearance):

  • Lugadim Jones
  • Uncle Pete
  • Yuri the Charming
  • K’jikgani’fgt Ev’vsrtyshgshunpnt
  • Galteign’Fyp’Dret
  • Sknorg Bdurk
  • Optimus Prime
  • Big Bang
  • Gravity
  • Betsy
  • Death
  • J’hranii Xdrangt
  • The Nameless Terror Who Brings Stars To Their Rest
  • Ken Snyder

Characters who are affiliated with the truckers (but are likely not truckers themselves):

  • The Chef
  • The Waitress